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ALCA Powered Android Apps

We develop apps that not only have an intuitive user interface, but also are functional per your specs.

Android Design & Development at its best

We custom design your Android App and interfaces and ensure
that they are perfect for different devices, screen resolutions, and sizes

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Expert Consultation

We offer exceptional mobile support and share
inclusions to your app idea which makes it successful


Laser Focused Design Strategy

We will make it a priority that your app will be gorgeous
functional, and keeps the user engaged


Goal-Based Approach

Our development process guarantees to integrate all desired features into your
app to address future business requirements.


Android App Development

Our mobile applications not only let you reach out to your valued customers but also reflect the uniqueness of your brand


Android App Testing

Android applications under development undergo rigorous testing and quality checks for validation and integration


Android Web-based Apps

We build visually stunning, relevant and intuitive web-based applications for your smartphone


Tools & Technologies

Following rigorous development process, our Android development team makes sure that your mobile app interacts with users without any glitches.
With careful supervision through reliable technologies, we can deliver an elegant innovation. Also, our developers use flexible
and scalable architecture during development thus it can be easily updated in future.

  • Framework Android SDK

  • Platforms Linux, Windows 7 and
    Windows 8

  • Versions Orio, Nougat,
    Marshmallow, Lollipop

  • Language Xamarin, NativeScript, JAVA

  • Development Tools Xamarin, ADT, Android Studio

The Best of our
Technological Expertise

Our Android experts ensure that the apps work perfectly fine in a
high-fragmented multi-device world. Ready to get started?

Material Design For Android

Integrating material design in Android apps provides a uniformity of experience across Android platform, so that your app looks, behave and function in the same way regardless of the device. We are a leading Android app development company providing quality apps with the best possible inbuilt technologies. Benefits of using the material design for android:

  • New Themes

    From color palette to modern style for touch feedback and
    activity transitions, increases user engagement

  • Modern Widgets

    Android Material design provides new widgets for
    displaying cards and lists

  • Custom Animation

    The animation APIs let you create custom animations to
    improvise UI controls